New Global Digital Economy — Cryptonomics!

CRYPTonFly dollar (CRON$) as a new global cryptocurrency, has the potential to create a new digital economy where any user has equal earning potential of CRON$ in a various fields of human activities and actions.
One of the main reasons behind developing CRYPTonFly was the wide impact on population in the developed and developing countries.
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Generate Money with CRYPTonFly

With CRYPTonFly you can generate money by making certain activities and actions on the Internet, in telecommunications, banking, financial spheres, in insurance, retail, in the Internet trading, in the sport & fitness sphere, on the stock and commodities markets, in the medicine and health spheres, in the industrial and other spheres.
The free app "CRYPTonFly" converts your certain activities and actions to CRYPTonFly dollars (CRON$) that you can manage and use as you want. Each day and at any time you can generate and accumulate CRON$ on your wallet/account until they are transferred, spent or cashed in fiat money.

Each of you has the freedom and opportunity to earn money. Your certain activities and actions on the Internet, telecommunications and other spheres of your lifestyle, which can be authentically measured and verified by telecommunication devices, gives you the value meant for everybody and everywhere at any time. What matters is how much in various fields of your lifestyle you can perform certain activities or actions.

You can get the greatest products directly at the CRYPTonFly Market. CRYPTonFly's product list are available for you every time when the market is open.

CRYPTonFly hopes to collaborate with the leading companies and brands of the Internet and telecommunication's sectors, with the leading banks and companies of financial, stock and insurance sectors, with the leading companies of retail, sport & fitness, medical and health, as well as other sectors. Also, CRYPTonFly hopes to partner with the charity organizations and local governments that share our assurance in CRYPTonFly economy for all.

CRYPTonFly gives you the opportunities to create your own local business and become active participant of the CRYPTonFly market.

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CRYPTonFly (CRON), as abbreviation of the words "Creation Cryptocurrency on the Fly", is a new global cryptocurrency which appeared at the junction of the Internet, telecommunication technologies and certain activities and actions of humans.

CRYPTonFly allows you to create two kind of universal cryptocurrencies, which are parts of a new single digital currency, namely: cryptocurrency/time, based on a time during which the activities/actions were performed and cryptocurrency/quantity, based on the amount/quantity of performed activities/actions. Both cryptocurrency/time and cryptocurrency/quantity empowers your ability to generate money on the fly by converting your certain activities and actions into the new digital currency. With CRYPTonFly you can earn CRON$ (Cryptocurrency/time or Crypto­currency/quantity) in various spheres, for example:

- In the Internet sphere, for every 1 hour the user spends on the Internet, he/she gets 0,1 CRON$.
- In a Telecommunication sphere, for every 1 hour of conversation by the smartphone the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Travel sphere, for every 1 hour spent by the passenger/user in flight on the aircraft the passenger/user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Sport & Fitness sphere, for every 1 hour spent in the fitness center the user gets 1 CRON$.

- In the Internet Trading, for every $100 spent on purchases in the Internet shop the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In the Advertising sphere, for every 100 views of advertisement (video) the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Travel sphere, for every one trip by the passenger/user in Uber taxi the passenger/user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Money sphere, for every $1000 placed in the bank account as a deposit the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Securities sphere, for every $1000 spent for the purchase of securities on the stock market the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In the Insurance sphere, for every $1000 spent for the purchase of an insurance policy the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Forex sphere, for every $1000 exchanged into the Euro the user gets 1 CRON$.
- In a Cryptocurrency sphere, for every 1 BTC bought or sold in the cryptocurrency market the user gets 100 CRON$.